Monday, March 16, 2009

Why Do They Do It?

Part One of this "global warming" expose identified the elements that show this hysteria to be a hoax. This installment is part two, asking "What’s the motivation of those who promote it?"

Question: why would anyone perpetuate the nonsense of global warming if they stand to be embarrassed scientifically or personally? Why in the world would a rational person sign his or her name to what is clearly an indefensible pile of unscientific hooey?

The answer, friends, is that it is not rational people who are promoting the concept of man-caused warming of the earth and resulting environmental damage. It is not rational to see the massive body of scientific evidence that testifies against such a notion and still advocate for it. In order to understand why this ridiculous concept has gained such traction, we need to examine the players involved.

First is environmentalists. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to protect the environment. Almighty God in Genesis 1:28 told Adam and Eve "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Such a charge implies preservation as well as mastery. However, it clearly does not say ‘Leave the earth alone!’

Radical environmentalists, who henceforth shall be termed envirowhackos for good reason, believe that mankind should be restricted to certain parts of the earth and the rest should be left sacrosanct. They advocate for no logging (thus depriving mankind of wood and paper products as well as condemning the unlogged area to the arboreal chaos and fire potential of unmanaged forests), no hunting (thus condemning herds of selected animals to overcrowding, disease, and starvation), no intrusion (thus depriving mankind of hiking, camping, and otherwise enjoying God’s creation), and no development in areas they deem ‘untouchable.’ The most egregious of these single-issue fanatics drive metal wedges into loggable trees in order to sabotage chain saws, chain themselves together across roads to prevent human entrance into wild areas, and burn down houses in areas they deem untouchable.

Envirowhackos see the evidence of rising temperatures in some parts of the world and scream "Panic! Disaster! Armageddon!" But they ignore evidence that shows cooling temperatures in other parts of the world and a general cooling trend overall. Envirowhackos demonstrate a remarkable ability to focus upon what they want to hear and shut out any fact that interferes with their opinion.

Second is liberals, politically known as Democrats. There is a great deal of cynical manipulation inherent in these people. What must be understood about liberals is that crisis is their default mindset. They abhor calm and stability, because that favors conservatives. In order to gain influence and power, liberals continually strive to keep the sheeple agitated about one emotional issue or another, hoping to raise it to the level of "crisis." Then they can present themselves as the solution to the crisis de jour. This is how Obama shoved the so-called ‘stimulus package’ down the throat of America, all the while knowing he was only paying off the special interest groups that got him into power and stimulating virtually zero. Liberals care nothing about America or what’s best for this magnificent nation. Instead, they operate on the basis of three rules:
(1) Get into power. Tell any lie, destroy any character, sell out any security or economic interest, but get into power!
(2) Stay in power. See Obama’s remaking of America into an uber-FDR socialist state designed to have the majority of Americans dependent on a government paycheck and thus voting Democrat forever.
(3)While in power, take the system for whatever you can get.

I invite you to observe Obama and judge him by this three-staged criteria. I believe you’ll find that his campaign and his actions since the election prove these rules as axiomatic to liberals.

Liberals have seized upon the global warming debacle as a duck takes to water. It’s tailor-made for stirring the sheeple to panic. Witness the well-fed Al Gore, an opportunist who literally defines the word ‘hypocrite.’ He screams and waves his arms about like a toddler who’s been deprived of sweets—as the American people wisely deprived this fool of the Presidency. He has seized upon the global warming issue as his baby and has pumped it up for all it’s worth. Jetting around the world in a private aircraft while condemning such travel as capitalist waste, he made a global warming documentary entitled "An Inconvenient Truth". If submitted to a sophomore cinematic class, it wouldn’t earn a passing grade due to its sweeping generalities and inaccuracies. That was enough to motivate his pals in Hollyweird to award his piece of cinematic trash an Oscar, which proves the laughable exercise which that ceremony truly is.

So, true to form, Obama, previously the Senate’s most liberal member, pledges zillions to combat global warming. That’s your zillions, by the way. Remember that government produces nothing. You produce. They take. Then they spend. (You don’t like that? Awwww, too bad, sheeple! Perhaps a little discernment when this Obama buffoon was yapping about "hope and change" on the campaign trail would have paid off!)

What do liberals hope to achieve by promoting global warming? The end of capitalism and the permanent dominance of socialism, that’s all. If liberals can convince the majority of American sheeple that capitalists are evil, greedy, earth-raping pirates who are only interested in their 401k’s, they can then impose their big-brother, government-is-the-solution agenda on the economic and political landscape of this great nation. Our Founding Fathers would have thrown up over Obama.

Third is those who stand to gain economically from the artificial crisis of global warming. Czech President and incoming European Union President Vaclav Klaus, speaking at the opening session of the Second International Conference on Climate Change (New York City) in early March of 2009, warned that "politicians have succeeded in creating incentives which have led to the rise of a very powerful profit-seeking group." Who are these people? Why, they’re the ones who have ‘carbon offsets’ to trade. What in the world in a ‘carbon offset’? you ask. Why, you must be an earth killer, you mean ‘ol carbon user, you! Don’t you know that you use carbon, carbon harms the earth, and you must pay for your sin? If you mine or burn coal, you are among the worst of capitalists, and Obama is going to make sure that your industry—which could well be the answer to independence from Arab oil—is taxed via ‘carbon offset’ penalties to the point that you go out of business. The same is true for nuclear power, which although is clean and powerful, upsets the purity notions of envirowhackos, from whom liberals draw many, many votes.

Other profiteers from the screwy notion of global warming are those who manufacture solar and wind technology, which is supported by heavy government (your tax dollars) subsidies. In a rational society, solar and wind technology would be placed way on the back burner with little tax dollars devoted to their development because they are so abysmally inefficient compared to oil, coal, and nuclear. But in today’s Obama America, they are the darlings of the liberal-envirowhacko alliance and therefore must receive vast sums of money, don’t you know. Those who recognize the profit to be made from these glaringly inefficient technologies stand to make a great deal of money. Billions! (from your taxes).

Vaclav Klaus concludes his assessment of Gore and the other global warming opportunists: "The environmentalists speak of ‘saving the planet.’ From what? And from whom? One thing I know for sure: we have to save it—and ourselves—from them."

Next: Part Three, "What You Can Do About Global Warming"

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