Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't Be A Victim

This is part three of the 'global warming' expose. Part One focused upon scientific facts, Part Two explored the motivation of those who perpetrate the global warming myth, and this final post will discuss what can be done about it.

A quick review:

* 'Global warming' is the term applied to the notion that mankind uses carbon-based (fossil) fuels in such abundance that excess carbon dioxide is produced, to the point that a layer of this gas now surrounds the earth and traps heat. As a result, the polar ice caps are melting, species are in danger of disappearing, and the National Endowment for the Arts will have to dedicate millions of taxpayer dollars to artists who will bemoan the fate of planet Earth. It's amusing that in view of the fact that in the last five or six years the earth has experienced considerable cooling, global warming hysterics have relabeled their fantasy 'global climate change.' That way they can ascribe any weather occurrence whatsoever to man-caused pollution. That would seem a useful tactic, particularly in light of the global warming protest on the Capitol steps in Washington a few weeks ago which had to be canceled due to a massive blizzard.

* Those who perpetrate the global warming myth all have an agenda. Envirowhackos want to see mankind considerably reduced in number and be restricted to carefully controlled areas, preferably in primitive (non-industrial) conditions. Profiteers in the alternative-energy field, mainly manufacturers and consultants for solar and wind technology, are attracted to the massive federal money which will be generated by global warming hysteria. Politicians such as Obama and his minions are highly mindful of the votes of the envirowhacko lobby. In addition, by limiting the amount of fossil fuel which is consumed, they can dictate the culture and lifestyle of the nations they control. This is a socialist's dream, and Obama is living it large.

How will the socialists use global warming to acquire massive power and control over our culture? There are three classic stategies they are employing or intend to employ:

1. By denying oil and natural gas explorers the right to drill in ANWR, the Alaskan National Wildlife Range, they prevent America from enjoying fuel self-sufficiency, or very close to it. ANWR would supply a minimum of 15%--and possibly twice that--of our national requirement for oil for industry, travel, and heating. This would replace a great deal of the oil we now purchase from foreign nations, including Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, both of whom have freely and publicly expressed a desire for the USA to severely diminish or even disappear as a world power. This restriction on drilling in ANWR is patently ridiculous. ANWR has in excess of 14 million acres of vast tundra and foothills, most of it frozen nine months of the year. The actual drilling area would be about 2,000 acres, or about the size of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. At last report, two marmots and a tufted wuzzle have walked across that area in the past decade. It's not exactly teeming with wildlife.

In addition, the Obamites have denied explorers the right to drill in the Gulf and off the Pacific Coast. Both areas appear to have massive stores of oil and natural gas. Instead, Obama prefers to allow the Chinese, under the auspices of Cuba, to drill in the Gulf and reap the trillions of dollars that we will have to pay for what is really our own oil. Didn't this guy take an oath to protect the sovereignty and security of the United States of America? Twice?

2. By imposing a "cap and trade" requirement on the users of fossil fuels. Under this totally artificial construct, users of carbon-based fuels are given a maximum they can burn, such standard to be assigned by envirowhackos. 'Carbon brokers' locate entities which are not using their alloted carbon capacity, and they arrange for a swap (payments) in the form of 'carbon offsets' and take a cut. This is akin to the Catholic Church receiving indulgences from parishioners who hope to advance the soul of a deceased relative from purgatory to heaven. In both cases, there is an artificial 'crisis' and a moneyman eager to arrange a solution. The only difference is that one claims a divine legitimacy (but then Obama thinks he's the Messiah, so....). In practical terms, this dooms the coal industry to non-profitability and thus extinction. America has more coal than any nation in the world, and state-of-the-art technology has produced smokestack scrubbers that emit less carbon dioxide than the average breath you expel. There is no logic in eliminating coal as a viable industry and fuel source; it is purely political.

3. By denying the nuclear industry the ability to build more nuclear power plants. None have been built in America since 1980. Why? Nuclear is clean, non-polluting, powerful, and affordable. True, it does produce a requirement to store spent fuel rods, but that can be done safely and easily in deep underground caverns. The envirowhackos have convinced the Democrat Party that this would be a disaster in the making, when in fact that idea is total rubbish according to the actual scientists who are knowledgeable on the subject. But then the Dems never allow facts to interfere with their policies, especially when votes ride on it.

By denying America nuclear power, severely restricting access to our oil and natural gas deposits, and imposing artificial financial penalties on coal production and use, the Dems are consigning us to foreign domination of our energy future. That is hardly patriotic. In fact, it is treasonous, especially for the Chief Executive who is pledged to protect our interests.

So, what can be done about this? Is America doomed to a massive and debilitating lessening of our culture, lifestyle, and standard of living because of this nonsense of global warming? Hillary Clinton, in her capacity of Secretary of State, is currently globe-trotting in an attempt to convince other nations to buy in to global warming hysteria and therefore impose their own cap-and-trade obstacles. Is the entire planet to be held down by these deluded and power-hungry Marxists?

Not necessarily. We are the people. The politicians work for us, not vice-versa. If we do the following, we can break this spell and begin to move in the direction of sanity:

1. Educate yourself. Google "global warming hoax" and similar key words and read the abundance of material from scientists who are knowledgeable on the subject. Write down or memorize a few key facts and become conversant with them.

2. Talk to people. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others what a crock this whole notion truly is. Let them know what is the true motivation behind the fallacy of global warming. Armed is dangerous, and knowledge will arm the people.

3. Write to your Congresspersons. Find out who are your two senators and your federal district representative and give them the same facts you now know. Demand that every time some piece of legislative hooey about global warming, cap and trade, or some similar nonsense comes up for a vote, they must register a solid NO! vote. Help them to understand that you are watching them, and their political future may depend on their willingness to listen to common sense.

4. Write to the media. Google "my local newspapers" and the national alphabet TV networks (ABC, etc.) and send them a letter protesting their default tendency to trumpet global warming as if it was factual. Tell them they've been duped. They hate that. It might get their attention.

Friends, this Obama and his socialist friends think they have carte blanche to remake this fine country in the twisted image of their Marxist ambitions. We must forcefully remind them that we won't put up with that. Do your part...please.

Posted by Hale Meserow
March 25, 2009


Rolando King said...

It would appear to me (a Catholic) that you are the victim of many indulgence Myths. In the Catholic Church it is and has always been, parishoners who receive spiritual indulgences,for themselves or others, from the infinite merits of Christ, dispensed through His Church.Fees are not part of the practice.Check out for detailed scriptural information.If Obama could use the cap and trade system like the Church uses indulgences, we would freely give our carbon offsets and the air would actually become cleaner!

Rolando King said...
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