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Black Need Not Be Crack or Slack

I’m going to go out on a dangerous limb here.

So dangerous, in fact, that I know I will receive no end of criticism. Some of it will be truly hateful. The rest will range from "right on!" to "I’m very disappointed in you" to "unsubscribe me forever."

But you know what? I’m 63 years old. I’ve been observing what I’m going to address here for at least 55 of those years. I’ve formed many, many impressions and one solid opinion on the subject as a result. As an American who cares about my country, I feel it’s time to get it off my chest and hopefully create a useful, perhaps game-changing dialogue. I honestly think what I’m about to say here will make a positive contribution, provided my readers are willing to suspend the automatic tendency to scream "Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!" without thinking about it.

Okay, here we go.

The black culture in this country is headed for oblivion.

There are two reasons I say this:

1. To perpetuate a race, statisticians tell us that 2.1 offspring are required per couple. According to 2004 statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics, 47 percent of pregnancies among black women end in abortion, compared with 12 percent for non-Hispanic white women and 19 percent for Hispanic women. That means 0.53 black babies are born for every conception among black women, and each black woman would have to have four conceptions leading to birth to fulfill the 2.1 requirement. Then each of those babies would have to survive to adulthood and participate in another 2.1 offspring in order for the race to be perpetuated. These are long odds when infant mortality, disease (including AIDS, a growing concern in the black community), and gang-related murders are taken into account.

This factor is mitigated by the influx of black immigrants. They can replace some of the black babies who were murdered in the womb or never made it to adulthood. However, the largest black immigrant group, Somalians, almost universally marry within their own community due to their Muslim code. Marrying outside the faith is simply not done, with the exception of a Muslim male who marries an American black woman who is willing to subject herself to the tyranny (for women) of Islam. That’s a very small number.

The blacks who do tend to replace aborted American black babies are from Africa: Liberians, Nigerians, Ugandans, and others. I must confess that my favorite are Sudanese. They’re tall, beautiful people who are almost all Christians suffering great persecution from the "religion of peace," Islam. All African immigrants, unlike illegal Mexicans, face the hurdles of screening, admittance procedures, limited visas, and quotas. Many come to America to escape warfare in their native countries and are promptly shipped back when their visa expires. If only Obama and his elves Reid and Pelosi would demonstrate the same policies toward illegal Mexicans—but that won’t happen because they’re counting on Latinos to become Democrat voters to replace the 3,500 babies aborted every single day in America.

Muslims do not abort their babies. They have deep religious antipathy toward the very thought. Moreover, they want to become a huge block in order to eventually bring about Sharia law in this nation. Because Muslims perpetuate themselves at the rate of 6.8 children per couple, within a generation they will become the dominant black culture in this country. "American" blacks will be a small and unimportant minority.

2. American black culture has horribly twisted values and mores. Common perception of what’s valued in the American black community is not conducive to success, unless it’s success that is rare and extremely difficult to duplicate. Examples of such successes are:

* Athletes. Many (most?) American black youth yearn to become professional athletes. One in 400,000 succeeds, some for only a year or two.

* Rock or rap stars. Again, for every successful recording "artist" there are hundreds of thousands of street crooners who don’t have a shadow of a chance of becoming recorded.

* Traditional achievers: doctors, lawyers, businesspersons, scientists, engineers, and the like. I don’t include teachers in this category because it doesn’t take much to become a teacher in America (a C average in a third-rate degree mill will do) and a sizable percentage of teachers are incompetent, judging by the steadily sliding performance of American students in government (public) schools. At last count, we are behind Zimbabwe and Gagmestan in math, reading, and general comprehension. Some, perhaps many, teachers are dedicated professionals; it’s a shame their colleagues drag down their name.

What are the values that seem to be celebrated in the American black culture, at least in the highly visible "hip hop" culture?

* "Acting cool." This includes in-crowd slang; extremely offensive profanity used as a matter of course; males wearing trousers at the private parts level in front and below the buttocks in back; women wearing skin-tight clothing; both sexes wearing the flashiest and most noticeable apparel and "bling" (jewelry) they can afford; loud, show-off behavior; exaggerated body language to accompany speech; slouching; tattoos; affected gaits; and a general attitude of bored toughness. This attitude displays what I call "Rule One" in the hip-hop community: It about me and my bling.

* Not succeeding in school. Black students who excel are routinely accused of "acting white" and often coerced to reduce their level of performance to the C- level in order not to offend their peers. This ensures that mediocrity is the highest standard to be sought by everyone, including some quite bright students. As a result, black students who could potentially become the doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers of the future don’t achieve the GPA to obtain scholarships to college.

* Using drugs (post-pubescent ages), alcohol (under age), alcohol to excess (some adults), and tobacco.

* When employed, doing as little as possible for the money while displaying an insouciant attitude.

* Promiscuity by both sexes.

* Fathering as many children as possible by as many women as possible. The more illegitimate children a black male has fathered, the higher his self-esteem and standing among his peers. Of course, this is severely mitigated by the high rate of abortion (see above).

* Abandonment of children by black males in order to evade the financial and other responsibilities of fatherhood, thus ensuring that unmarried black females with children overwhelm the welfare roles and consign their children to poverty and nearly insurmountable educational obstacles.

* Claiming victimhood whenever the combination of the above values results in economic failure and poverty. This behavior displays "Rule Two" of the hip-hop community: If anything go wrong, I a victim.

Why are such values perpetuated? Why are they tolerated? I believe there are several reasons:

* Racism still exists. The reality is that a black person must perform at a higher level than his or her white peers to achieve similar rewards. This is a deeply sinful and heartbreaking fact of life in American society. Granted, many whites who are racist in attitude and action are that way because they are offended by the black culture (see above) and subtly take out their frustration by denying competent black people a fair opportunity. But racism however motivated is a searing sin which undoubtedly pleases Satan no end.

* Any persecuted group will rally around their community as a means of protection. American blacks have a subculture unique to themselves partly to achieve a degree of peace and partly to assert a degree of identity, independence, and protest against racism.

* Tolerance by the white community. Too few concerned white people who truly have a heart for the oppressed black community are willing to engage in honest dialogue with black people as a means of communicating dissatisfaction and encouraging a positive change in behavior.

* Encouragement by the entertainment industry. There’s money to be made by promoting black rap and "edgy" black humor and behavior, even though they poison both the black and white community with their filth and hatred and misogyny.

* Encouragement by the Democratic Party. The absolute worst form of racism is, in effect, to pat a black person on the head, imply that he or she is too stupid or disadvantaged to succeed by dint of goal-setting and hard work, and hand him or her a perpetual welfare check in return for a guaranteed vote. The black community in America is still on the plantation, only this one is ideological rather than physical. The degree of slavery is the same.

* Absence of positive black leadership. Where are the Martin Luther Kings? The Clarence Thomases? The Booker T. Washingtons? The Ralph Bunches and Ralph Abernathys? The Michael Steeles and Ken Blackwells? In a search of "InfoPlease" for black leaders, I found hundreds of athletes and entertainers, but very, very few statesmen, scientists, and other non-arts achievers. This only proves the point about the aspirations of black youth and the racism which has dissuaded black persons from entering mainstream fields where they might reach high achievement.

Role models define a generation (think Martin Luther King). There seem to be few if any emerging black leaders who consistently manifest admirable values. What passes for black "leadership" these days is pathetic. We have Jesse Jackson, who is a race hustler and shakedown artist wearing $1,000 suits and $300 shoes while he bemoans the poverty and oppression of the black community. Al Sharpton is a Jesse Jackson wannabe but is ludicrous to the point of almost being a caricature of himself. The former black mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington, was a corrupt Democrat (surprise, surprise) who turned out to be a closet cross-dresser. The former black mayor of Detroit is serving a prison sentence for lying under oath about an affair with a staffer. And so it goes. Those blacks who do attempt to stand up and tell the black community the truth, courageous people such as Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, Star Parker, Armstrong Williams, and Thomas Sowell, are cursed, vilified, and ridiculed by the Jacksons and Sharptons (who fear losing their positions of power and influence as well as future earnings) and the mainstream media (who are whores in union with the Democrat Party). They are marginalized to the point of being virtually silenced.

* Tolerance of "alpha male" behavior by black men. Very sadly, it is not unusual to read of a black woman (or a white woman, increasingly) who has been badly beaten by her black boyfriend. It’s even sadder to hear of an infant or toddler who has been beaten to death or shaken so hard by a black man that permanent brain injury results. This attitude of "me first, last, and always" is demonstrated in the savage behavior of dominant wolves in a pack, where it’s expected and tolerated. It should be reviled by the black community every time it happens in human society.

Let me be quick to add that wife beatings and infant destruction do occur in the white community as well, to our national shame. I am not singling out blacks here, other than to say that it often seems to be to be excused and accepted in the black community whereas it is looked upon as a "redneck" crime in the white community and quickly castigated.

Critics will protest that I am only picking on blacks while giving whites a pass. "What about tattoos on whites, or white drunks and playboys?" they'll say, "or what about Elliott Spitzer (white governor of New York who resigned in disgrace) or many other white persons?" Friends, please do not assume that I am painting all black Americans with the same brush. There are thousands of married black couples raising children and imbuing them with the values of morality, industry, and patriotism that the Founding Fathers and church fathers promoted. Thank God for these great people! They almost all reject the "hip hop" culture. They are almost always employed, purposeful, principled, and dedicated parents who set a wonderful example for Americans of any color. Yet few white people know of these courageous persons because the unseemly and objectionable elements of black America scream so loudly and dominate the public perception of blacks in general. Why?

* In Hollywood, there’s no money to be made from being wholesome.

* It’s in the Democrats’ (and thus the media’s) best interests to play up "hip" blacks as well as to publicize any incidents of racism and/or discrimination against blacks. This maintains the plantation-mentality status quo and deflects attention away from positive examples of black people leading wholesome lives (how boringly Republican!).

So what’s to be done about all this? Is the black race in America just to decline, decay, and eventually disappear? Is America to lose the positive aspects of our black element while it withers into oblivion in bitter, cursing despair? Already the Latino population is rapidly overtaking the black community in absolute numbers, and true to form, the Democrat Party is turning its attention to them (see open borders, above).

There is so much to be lost if that happens. Think of the unique vibrancy that the black community brings to the American landscape:

* Jimmy the Greek lost his TV sports analyst job a few years ago for opining that black athletes are, on average, better built and more athletic than their white counterparts. Evidently stating the obvious is politically non-correct and economically fatal. Just look at the preponderance of blacks in professional sports. Blacks dominate the National Basketball Association; the few whites who play regularly are hugely talented athletes. A majority percentage of National Football League athletes at all positions are black. Blacks are less represented in major league baseball, probably because of their tendency to gravitate toward football and basketball, but many of the MLB superstars are black. It’s a fact that America enjoys an amazing richness of athletic grandeur through the contributions of its black athletes.

* Blacks have a natural tendency toward expression in music (and, to a certain extent, acting). Much of the musical richness that this nation has enjoyed in the last century has occurred because blacks were finally free to release the wonderful talents many had within themselves. It is to our national shame that much black musical talent is directed these days into "rap," which is not so much music as it is a means of exploiting racism and life in "da hood" in order to make money.

* Blacks have a greater tendency to appreciate community and deep, brotherly and sisterly relationships than whites. There is a brotherhood among the black community that is far more than the phony "bruthah" nonsense that rappers and gangbangers promote.

Were all this to disappear, America would be far the less for it. Far the less.

What can be done to correct this situation? Can the black community actually reverse direction and become a (morally) healthy, positively contributing part of America? I truly think it can, and I among millions of other white people would delight and rejoice in seeing it happen. Here are the factors which need to change in order for MLK’s dream to come true:

* There needs to be a wholesale change in values in the black community. First and foremost is familial responsibility. B. Hussein Obama hinted at that in his education speech a few days ago when he said "…there is one more ingredient I want to talk to you about. The bottom line is that no government policies will make any difference unless we also hold ourselves more accountable as parents."

What exactly does that mean? Basically, it speaks to:
* Men marrying women before making them pregnant.
* Men staying in marriage with the woman they impregnate.
* Men remaining faithful to the woman to whom they are married.
* Men and women providing time and love and attention to the sons and daughters they produce.
* Men and women vigorously opposing, by action, word, and deed, the gangs, guns, drugs, hip-hop, lewd dress, profanity, and other crude experiences of the black community.
* Men and women vigorously opposing extra-marital sex and the aborting of black babies in the womb.
* Men and women stressing positive values such as grooming, hygiene, goal-setting, responsibility, accountability, learning, articulation, and hard, satisfying work in pursuit of a worthwhile objective. It's a wonderful thing to behold what committed parents of any color who are willing to work diligently at positive role modeling and the application of discipline can do for their children.
* Men and women demanding excellence from teachers at the government schools where their children are enrolled.
* Men and women rejecting false leaders, the Jacksons and Sharptons and rappers and poseurs, in favor of honest, hardworking, high-achieving men and women of all races.

*There needs to be a national recognition of the true motives of the Democrat Party toward the black community, and an angry rejection of this type of pandering and modern-day slavery.

* The Republican Party needs to recognize its responsibility in simply dismissing the black community as a potential political ally. Politics be damned! This is a major segment of our American culture that is being demeaned, used, abused, and destroyed. That alone ought to be enough for any Republican to act. Reach out, GOP, but not to win votes. Reach out to help develop character. Whenever you do the right thing, the political gains are sure to follow.

* The Christian church in America must no longer accept the notion of "black" churches vs. "white" churches. Yes, I know that many black Christians prefer to worship together because there is comfort in such an environment. In light of the racism practiced against the black community, much of it shamefully in the name of Christianity, such self-separation is understandable. But Jesus Christ did not come to declare a white heaven and a black heaven. On the contrary, our Lord said that in heaven "there is neither Jew nor gentile, rich nor slave." We Christians must plan to integrate our churches. There is so much richness to be gained by all races and cultures in so doing.

* The welfare laws must be changed. Welfare is a Democrat tool to keep the black community enslaved. Whenever you subsidize a behavior, you get more of it. It is the height of insanity to tell a woman that if she has more children out of wedlock, her perpetual government paycheck will be increased. The Department of Housing and Urban Development admits that the more they provide Section 8 housing allowances (considerably reduced rent financed by our taxes), the more domestic assault, petty crime, and drug arrests occur in the neighborhoods they have subsidized.

* The notion of racial quotas and "Affirmative Action" are nonsense almost beyond comprehension. For example, do you know what a major Chicago hospital paid Michelle Obama $300,000 a year to do before her husband decided to save America? She was "Diversity Coordinator." That means she carefully counted how many black nurses and Filipino orderlies and Latino janitors were employed and made sure the local community was represented by employment in precisely their percentage in the community. Is this jaw-dropping idiocy or what?

No doubt that if such artificial demands are eliminated, and people are hired in relation to their qualifications and experience rather than according to the color of their skin, the black community will suffer initially, simply because they have not had the training, education, motivation, and opportunity that whites take for granted. But when quality black leaders go to the black community and declare "Free at Last!" and demonstrate why that’s now a realistic possibility, many bright, eager, and determined black youth will jump at the opportunity to play on a level field. The numbers will take care of themselves from that point, and we will have true, MLK-type equality in America. Black children have just as much native intelligence as white or Latino or Asian children; they don’t perform as well due to poor home environments, poor peer culture, ludicrously inadequate government schools, and racial prejudice that sets artificial barriers.

I write this as a white person whose heart is broken over the sin of racism. I take no pride in being white other than the fact that it was God’s choice to make me that way. Neither do I hold a person’s skin color against him or her. Though there are several individual black men and women whom I greatly admire, I will admit that I am culturally prejudiced in that I abhor the way the black community is destroying itself with the help of greedy, unscrupulous elements in America, and I long for the advent of strong, believable, charismatic, honest, humble, God-fearing black leaders of both sexes. There isn’t one in the White House, despite the hopes and dreams of the 53% of the American sheeple who voted for him. (In fact, Obama himself said, in his education speech, "I reject a system that rewards failure and protects a person from its consequences." Using that criteria, he has about two more weeks left before he should offer his resignation.)

We can be better, America. We can be, in this, the greatest nation God ever favored with His blessing, equal and colorblind. It won’t be easy. We’ll have to do the following:

* Both black and white people, all of us, must examine our heart. (Of course, this applies to other races as well.) We must ask "Am I prejudiced? If so, why?"

- Because of observation of my parents and perpetuating their beliefs
- Because of my own growing-up experiences and perpetuation of those impressions
- Because that’s how my sub-culture believes and behaves and I’m just going along to get along
- Because I’m disgusted at what I see in individuals and project unsavory behavior to an entire race
- Because I enjoy feeling inherently superior to someone else
- Darned if I know. I never thought about it.

* Having made an honest assessment—which is going to be very, very difficult for many—we must ask ourselves "Am I willing to admit I might be wrong here?"

* The next question is "Do I see value in changing, in not being prejudiced against an entire culture while reserving the right to dislike the behavior or attitudes of any particular individual?" If the answer is "yes," ask yourself "What do I have to do to change my attitudes?" As a Christian, I certainly suggest taking this sin to the feet of Jesus and laying it there with a full confession along with a plea for Him to change your heart. I’d also suggest engaging in honest discussion with a black person you believe you can trust and is willing to talk. Find opportunities to be with the other race, and identify quality people among them. Make them your personal friends.

* If you’re in a position to hire, seek out qualified black candidates. This is not some phony numbers-based nonsense; it’s common sense. A motivated black person who is qualified to do the job you need doing will likely give you a strong effort. Support that employee with high expectations and good guidance.

It will be a hard grind, friends. To change the heart of this nation we must fight against every wile that Satan has imposed upon America: entrenched attitudes, money-grubbing entertainers and those who foster their abominable behavior, the Democrat Party, and mutual distrust. But it’s a war worth fighting. Our nation and the fate of millions of souls depend upon it.

Posted by Hale Meserow
March 30, 2009

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