Wednesday, March 4, 2009

America is Upside Down

Today I had a conversation with a top executive in one of the country's large banks. He told me, and I quote, "The country is upside down. Obama doesn't have a clue how bad he's screwing up."

You know, to be fair, you want to give our President the benefit of the doubt, no matter who he is. You want him to succeed so the country succeeds. Certainly you want to give a new President a honeymoon period, right? So the guy can get his bearings, get going, that sort of thing?

But look at this Obama character. Look at this fool! Within two days of taking office, he issues an executive order to close our terrorist holding camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In the announcement of this action, he gave no indication that he has any understanding whatsoever of what he will unleash upon the nation he has sworn to protect when these hardened, bitter, suicidal jihadists return to the battle. On the fourth day of his administration, not being content just to further the slaughter of 3,500+ babies in the womb every day in America, he issued an executive order overturning the "Mexico City policy" of President Bush, now releasing YOUR tax dollars to commit murder by abortion in other countries. Further to this, he has pledged to his pro-abortion friends in NOW (National Organization of Some Women, but Certainly Not All, Thank God) that he will encourage his Democratic toadies Pelosi and Reid to ram through legislation entitled the "Freedom of Choice Act," which will undo in one sword stroke all the cautions and safeguards and gains that pro-lifers have been able to achieve to save mother and baby from the horrors of abortion.

What my banker friend finds most abhorrent is Obama's wanton spending spree. With wild rampages variously entitled "stimulus," "reinvestment," and "reinvigoration," he has convinced the aforementioned dwarfs Pelosi and Reid and the rest of his lockstep Democrat majority in Congress to quickly--without time for sober examination, discussion, or deliberation--pass legislation authorizing the wildly sophomoric throwing into the air of trillions of dollars in payback to his campaign supporters (unions, homosexuals, "community organizers"--those who resurrect dead bodies and invent names to become Democrat voters--teachers, trial lawyers, et al) under the lie of "stimulating the economy."

Obama isn't stupid. He knows the funds won't stimulate anything, at least not for months, if not years, if at all. He has to know that this spending orgy will bankrupt this country for generations.

"What?!" you say. "Bankrupt us? Please explain!" Okay, consider this. If you spent $100,000 every day since the day our Lord Jesus was born, about 734,000 days, you would only be three-quarters of the way toward one trillion dollars. Obama spent more than that just with his porkulus package! On top of that is another 0.45 trillion ($100,000 dollars per day from Jesus up to the Magna Carta) for a so-called "mortgage relief" package. On top of that is several billion to the auto manufacturers--who, in a common-sense market-driven economy, would be allowed to go belly up because of horrible management/union decisions over the last three decades--and billions to a large insurance company and billions to... You get the picture.

Where is this money going to come from? Who's going to pay the bills?

"Why, we'll just tax the rich!" the smiling Messiah crows in command time on television. "Uh, uh, spread the wealth, you know?"

Excuse me, but from whom? What rich? He defines anyone making over $250k per year as rich. And that's gross income, not net. So any small business owner with a C-corp, where he or she passes his or her income through on personal income taxes, is now rich. Never mind the fact that some of that $250k must go to the corporation's employees, or inventory, or taxes. That person is evil and must now "spread the wealth" to those who don't earn up to that level. The fact that it will soon be more sensible not to work at all, and just draw off the government teat, is apparently irrelevant.

Obama has now proposed a budget of more than $3.6 trillion dollars for the fiscal year 2010. Jesus would have to live another four millenia at $100K per day to pay off just that budget.

Is Obama that naive not to realize the financial disaster he's bringing about? Is he deranged? My banker friend thinks he's just evil. Obama wants total govenment control of the American economy, and thus the American people (that's you and me and our children and grandchildren, friends) for years and years and years. He is about socialism. He is about Big Brother. He is no messiah, he is 1984 just twenty-five years late.

And 53% of the American sheeple voted for him. You have to wonder, what will they do when they can no longer ignore reality, the facts on the ground, and the chilling thought hits them: Oh, my God, what have I done?!"

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John Boyce said...

Great article, Hale.

IMHO, I fully believe Obama and his gang know *exactly* what they are doing financially to our country. The idea is to allow, or even make things get bad. This way, the oh so loving and caring Liberal/Socialists can take over as much of the private sector as possible to make things "fair" and save us from ourselves. Cynical? Nope, just accurate. That's how they *feel*. The problem is, their feelings will destroy everything good and decent we have ever made. Obama's policies are nothing short of cruel and mean spirited. He has single handedly destroyed the life savings and retirements of thousands all in the name of fairness. Obama, please define the word FAIR as it relates to reality.