Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's True Colors

Well, now we know the color palette of the Obama administration: yellow and black.

He's yellow because his first two presidential acts were to:
1. Cave in to the Code Pinks and MoveOn.orgs and other screaming liberal peaceniks by issuing an executive order to close the terrorist prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
2. Cave in to Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Rights League, and other smug and bloodthirsty baby-murdering apologists by reversing President Bush's sane, merciful, and sensible "Mexico City policy" which prevented American tax dollars from going to foreign countries for the purpose of aiding and abetting abortion.

And that last move makes him black, friends. I'm not referring to the color of his skin but the color of his heart. Anyone who has seen or is even aware of photographs detailing the horrendous, painful, soul-sapping death of a baby in his or her mother's womb and then approves of more of this crime is dead, black, and evil.

The sin of abortion speaks for itself. There is no defense for this unthinkably satanic practice. And now you get to pay for it in Mexico, China, Albania, and Argentina. And Brazil. And Ruwanda. And...

The Gitmo closing is nearly as reprehensible a decision as the Mexico City reversal. It's as if President Bush had said "Okay, there's a substantial demand for open borders, so we're just going to close all the customs stations and fire all the border patrol agents. Jose, c'mon in!"

With that move, Obama has signaled to the world that America will not be strong in the face of the implacable Islamic vow to bring down the Great Satan. That's us, friends. That's Cleveland, Des Moines, Cheyenne, and San Francisco. It's whereever else they can destroy for the satisfaction of their twisted, psycopathic vision of a 13th-century caliphate on this land. Gitmo is just the first of the undoing of the safeguards that President Bush put into place to protect this nation. Obama is still in hock to the other demands of the peace-love-hug crowd, including warrantless wiretapping, surveillance of banking records of terrorist supporters, and forceful interrogation. Obama the Yellow will soon declare all those to be "inappropriate" for his vision of an America that remakes the world in the image of tree-hugging peace lovers.

He's naive, misled, and easily manipulated. He is the product of his soaring socialist ideals and the Marxist crowd with whom he surrounds himself. Either he does not have the capability to think through the consequences of his decisions or he just couldn't be bothered.

Oh, please! you say. It can't be that bad!

Really? Well, consider that the day before the smiling hope-and-change artist took office, British newspapers reported the death of up to forty terrorists in Algeria. A group named al-Queda in the land of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the largest al-Queda group outside the Middle East, has a deadly terrorism record and a declared intention to attack the Great Satan. From all indications, it appears these forty terrorists died most horrible deaths from a disease enhanced in AQIM laboratories: pneumonic plague.

This is a truly dangerous bacterium. Unlike the bubonic plague, which requires penetration into open skin from rat or flea bites, pneumonic plague is spread through the air by the exhalation of infected persons. Those who have the bacterium may have no symptoms for a week or more. Suddenly, they will begin to break out into boils in the neck, armpits, and groin. The disease proceeds to eat the brain of the victim until he or she falls down and dies.

Now imagine two hundred and fifty newly liberated Gitmo prisoners who have never lost their bloodlust to die for Allah (and the seventy-two virgins, of course. Musn't forget that little perk). They've spent up to seven years in Gitmo, away from their brothers in arms, captive to infidels whom they consider to be the equivalent of pigs and apes. They're itching to get onto the battlefield or to strap on explosives. They're greeted by the higher-ups in al-Queda (none of whom ever seem to be anxious to wear the bomb, oddly enough) and told that there is a brand- new, highly effective, most delicious way to meet Allah and the ladies. All they have to do is visit the AQIM camp in Algeria, get infected, and walk into America--which isn't too difficult under the Obama administration. For as many days as they can remain alive, they ride the New York and Boston and Chicago subways, breathing out as hard and fast as they can. They go to the bus stations in Washington, Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston, where they breathe and cough on as many people as possible. They walk the Mall of America in Minnesota, where thousands of people visit each day.

Do the math. Before America wakes up to the situation, thousands will have been directly affected by the terrorists, and they in turn will each have infected dozens or hundreds or thousands more.

There is an immunization for pneumonic plague, but obviously it must be taken before the onset of the disease. The discovery of a nice boil on your neck means it's just a little late to see your favorite doctor. Antibiotics also work, if administered in concentration early in the progress of the disease, but are there sufficient supplies to deal with ten million cases arising in a span of two or three weeks?

Obama the Yellow obviously didn't take this possibility into account. Nor has he given any thought to other ways in which highly-motivated Gitmo terrorists might take revenge upon their captors. But that's not inconsistent with his stance toward Islam. In his inaugural speech, he said "To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interests and mutual respect." The problem with that little nicety is that there is no mutual interest: they want us dead or subject to Islam. You can't negotiate with that. Obama and his ilk pooh-pooh that notion, but the Islamofascists have never said anything different. Sooner or later you have to take them at their word.

Obama also asked the apostate pseudo-Christian pastor Rick Warren to spread the message. Warren mixed Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scriptures in an all-inclusive prayer, ending with the Lord's Prayer in the name of Isa (Arabic for Jesus). But Isa is the Muslim Jesus, whom Islam believes is not the Son of God, was not crucified, and did not die for the sins of mankind. They also count on Isa to lead Islam against the hated Jews in the latter days.

The real Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, said in Matthew 24:4 "Take heed that no one deceive you..." Obama the Yellow, he of the black heart, and his minions like Rick Warren are attempting to do just that.

There is now little that we can do, friends, other than that which is so natural and so perfectly sensible that we often don't stop to think of it: pray. Only the mighty hand of God can change the course of rivers and the hearts of kings. Pray that He will change hearts and minds so that a mighty wave of revulsion against abortion rises up in this land and politicians are forced to change laws permitting it. Pray that God will keep our nation safe. And pray for our black and yellow President, that he may begin to see the awesome responsibility he has in representing ALL the people, not just those to whom he owes favors.

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